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Pro-Elite Strength Systems is your solution for American made weight room equipment and supplies with world beating value

PE-X Plus Line

Big brother to our PE-X line, the Wasatch PE-X Plus line is the same equipment but built in a massive 3" x 3" 7-gauge steel.  This line of equipment designed for a modern, extreme heavy-duty, no nonsense facility from a basement to a warehouse to the toughest public facilities. The PE-X Plus line of Rigs, Racks and Benches offers an affordable and modular system with which to grow your gym. Sold in pre-defined sets at a value or pick and choose to make a rig that fits your unique situation.

PE-X Plus includes all the components you need for almost any workout. Olympic Lifts, Body Weight Training, Boot Camp Training - You can optimize your PE-X Plus Rig, Rack and Auxiliary equipment to fit at a price that will make you smile.