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Pro-Elite Strength Systems is your solution for American made weight room equipment and supplies with world beating value

Pro Elite Strength Systems

Pro-Elite is committed to making the best commercial grade products for the weight room. Our "Made in the USA" lines of equipment are the finest, most durable solutions for every weight room's needs. From hospitals to health clubs, every fitness center can benefit form a Pro-Elite line of equipment, right down to a Crossfit box style home gym. From our Utah manufacturing plant to the nation, Pro-Elite delivers since 1995!

  • Everest HD Line: Highest quality line of equipment based on 3" x 3" steel and built for the highest profile institutions but affordable for any facility looking to be the best!
  • Denali Pro Line: Pro-Elite has been manufacturing this line of 7 gauge steel equipment since the beginning and it is still unparalleled in the industry.  Heavy weight and versatile satisfied customers from schools to apartment complexes have installed 1,000s of weight rooms based on our most popular line!
  • Rainier Base Line: Pro-Elite has the solution your customer needs. Big value for a small budget demands the high quality, no frills approach of this complete line of versatile weight room equipment.
  • Olympus Oval Line: Completely new and rethought this line of equipment is perfect for the discerning, forward thinking client looking to differentiate themselves for the competition. Strong and stylish the Olympus line is a stand out in any market.
  • Wasatch PE-X: The evolving world of fitness demands new solutions and bold new ideas. The Wasatch PE-X modular approach is perfect answer to unconventional spaces from warehouses and industrial spaces to garages and basements.
  • Specialty Racks and Benches: High quality and functional these pieces will fill special needs for any situation. Pro-Elite even has the ability to provide custom solutions for your clients