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Product Image PE-X Plus Modular Components

PE-X Plus Modular Components

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Build your own custom rigs from our complete line of modular components or choose from our pre-configured PE-X Plus Free Standing or Wall Mounted Rigs. 

To build your own, choose from the above Uprights and Connectors, then add your favorite attachments. PE-X Plus Uprights are made from incredible 3" x 3" 7-Gauge steel for the most demanding environments.


Available PE-X Attachments:
PE-X Bar Catches
PE-X Bar Safeties
PE-X Dip Attachment
PE-X Step Up Platform
PE-X Land Mine
PE-X Double Land Mine
PE-X Wall Ball Target
Plate Storage Peg
Ceiling/Wall Anchor


Or save big on our most popular attachments by getting them together in our Attachment Package

Included in Package
1   PE-X Landmine
1   PE-X Dip Attachment
1   PE-X Wall Ball Target
1   PE-X Step Up Platform


Note: All PE-X rigs & racks must be solidly secured to structural elements.  They must be bolted to the floor and to a solid wall or wall support.  No hardware is included for mounting.  It is recommended to hire a professional to ensure proper installation.


All color combinations usually ship within 6 to 8 weeks.

(All bolt down tabs require equipment to be bolted to the floor)