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Pro-Elite Strength Systems is your solution for American made weight room equipment and supplies with world beating value

Product Image Pro Elite Replacement Cables

Pro Elite Replacement Cables

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All replacement cables

Note:  Remember that Pro Elite has continually updated and improved it's equipment over the years.  So a cable that fits a current piece of equipment may not fit an older piece even if it's the exact same model number.   So if you aren't sure EXACTLY which cable you need, take a picture of your entire piece of equipment, and a close-up picture of the cable you need (or more than one if you need it to cover the cable) and send it to parts@pro-elite.com along with a description of what you want, how many you need, and anything else you think would help identify you cable.  We'll look it over and get a part number, price, and availability estimate back to you as soon as we can.


Usually ship within 6 to 8 weeks.