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Pro-Elite Strength Systems is your solution for American made weight room equipment and supplies with world beating value

Product Image Top 10 Board

Top 10 Board

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Special Introductory Price $1099.00
Total Price of $1319.00 Includes Shipping

The Pro Elite Top Ten Board is 8 Feet Wide by 3 Feet 5 Inches High
  • High Contrast Pro Elite Colors:
    1. Board is Light Gray
    2. Title Piece / Category Headers are Red
    3. Stripping is Pro Elite Blue
    4. Lettering is White
    5. Name Plates are Dry Erase
  • Moveable Name Plates:
    1. Each Top 10 Board is Mounted with 100 Name Plates
      (Additional Items Included: 10 Extra Name Plates)
This Board Must be Fastened with Proper Hardware to a Drywall/Wooden Wall,
or Bolted with Lug Bolts to a Concrete Wall
(Stock Boards Usually Ship Within 48 Hours)